Nonprofits are driven by their mission,
by their cause. But sometimes a good cause
just isn't enough

Few nonprofits have all the know-how they need within their organization. Even in good times, they can run into problems. And when times are tough, it's hard to know which issue to tackle first.

That's when an outside expert — a consultant — can help your organization thrive and succeed. When you are maximizing both your human and financial resources, it increases the likelihood that you will achieve your mission.

Christine can facilitate your nonprofit's success by putting her extensive knowledge and experience to work in the following ways, and more:

  • Prepare the organization for its future by developing a succession plan
  • Regain stability and maintain momentum with "Transition Management" between executive directors, including Interim Executive Director and Executive Search services
  • Build a strong board of directors through governance reviews that help a board function more effectively, including assistance with enhancing the board's composition, structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Assess the organizational structure and develop a realistic, comprehensive strategic plan for future growth 
  • Teach the "dos and don'ts" of successful grant applications and foundation relationships
  • Create a diversified and sustainable funding plan
  • Coach the executive director to maximize skills and increase effectiveness
  • Facilitate meetings of all sizes


Contact Christine for a free consultation to discuss how she can help your organization flourish, grow, and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Christine Soto was instrumental in moving our organization to the next level. She helped us identify important gaps in policies and procedures, as well as assisting us with board governance issues. She dealt gracefully with difficult subjects as she guided staff and board through changes to tighten our operations. In addition, she’s lovely to work with…a real team player…helpful to both board and staff… with deep knowledge of the entire non-profit world.

Nicky Marone
Former CEO
Smart-Girl, Inc.

I was impressed by Christine’s preparation and understanding of VOC's new position and her adeptness at weaving our objectives for the day into a process which was both informative and engaging.

Ann Baker Easley
Executive Director
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

Christine not only helped us hone our goals for our board retreat, but she provided the tools, expertise and guidance to get us across the finish line. Our board felt ownership of the decisions made at the retreat, which has created a strong foundation to help our organization transition into its next phase.

Lindy Eichenbaum Lent
Executive Director
Civic Center Conservancy