In today's world, nonprofit organizations and foundations must operate at ever-higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

When facing the challenges of long-term planning, program implementation, or leadership transition, you need the very best people on your side. Christine Soto brings forty years of high-level experience in the nonprofit and foundation sectors to the work of helping your organization do its best.

Christine assists organizations in recognizing and harnessing the strengths and skills they already possess — and in developing smart solutions to the challenges that all organizations face when making a difference in the world. Put Christine's expertise, energy, and dedication to work for your foundation or nonprofit in these ways and more:


Contact Christine for a free consultation to discuss how she can help your organization flourish, grow, and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


"Articulate, bright, competent, insightful Christine incorporates her amazing record as a leader in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors into her work as a strategic wizard."

Jeff Pryor, former Executive Director, Anschutz Family Foundation

"Christine's commitment to building the nonprofit sector along with her humor and counsel always made her a bright light in the foundation world."

Mike Kromrey,
Executive Director,
Together Colorado

"Christine Soto has extensive experience in high-level positions with both nonprofit organizations and foundations. She brings this experience, along with thoughtfulness and analytical skills, to her work as a consultant."

David Miller, President, The Denver Foundation





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